Hard Candy Light n Night Shadow-Spheres Baked Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2015 Review and Swatches

7:22 PM

There is a slight chance that my last post made your wallet and bank account weep. Thanks, Guerlain. But today I have a very budget friendly eyeshadow palette that it is pretty good. It is part of Hard Candy's fall collection, which includes a ton of new products.

This palette has smoky shades mixed with a few neutrals. There are 10 shades total, but only 8 pans. The left side consists of the neutral shades: icy white, light rose gold, light pink, charcoal, and black with silver glitter. The right side houses the smokier, or Night, shades: silver, brown with gold glitter, purple with pink glitter, midnight blue, and a blackened silvery purple.

I have never been a fan of baked eyeshadows for some reason. But this palette has warmed me to them. Overall, they are pretty smooth. There is a rough outer layer on top, but that goes away almost as soon as you use it. A couple of the shades (brown, purple, black) do have a rough texture because they have chunks of glitter. That sounds a little scary, but I don't really notice the glitter on my eye. Every single eyeshadow in this palette is insanely shimmery. A couple might even be borderline metallic. I do experience a good deal of fall out when blending them, but it wipes off without a problem. They are also powdery and make a huge mess of the palette. No matter what I do, I can never make the palette look clean.

Despite being a bit sheer, the pigment is good. The smoky brown and purple shade have the worst color payoff of the bunch, but they can be built up a bit. I am not used to wearing darker smoky shades, so I can appreciate the fact they are a little less pigmented. As you can see, they are intense when it comes to shimmer. I think they might be some of the most shiny eyeshadows I own. I love that, but if you are leary about all of that shimmer, I would skip this palette Otherwise,  I would say try it out.

The staying power is okay. I have noticed some minor fading and creasing by the end of the day. Formula wise, that is the only true negative that I have come across. The other is the packaging. I don't think it does a good job of protecting the eyeshadow. The white one is broken half and I am extremely careful with my stuff. Fortunately it still sits in place. The plastic itself is sturdy, and the palette does come with a mirror.

I have grown quite fond of this little palette. For a mere $8, the quality is good. If you are a fan of shimmery and/or baked eyeshadow, you may want to pick one of these up. I have the nude one, too. That one is even prettier. I believe these are permanent additions to Hard Candy, and they are available at Walmart stores and Walmart's site.  Walmart's website calls them Super Mod Eyeshadow palettes, but they are the same thing. Light n Night is out of stock right now, but Nudes n Roses and My Bright Life are available.

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