Limited Edition Disney Villains Collection: Maleficent Cast a Spell Beauty Book

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For the last year or two, Walgreens has been keeping us Disney addicts very, very happy. We cannot go very long without hearing word about a new limited edition featuring our favorite princesses. They don't leave out the villains we love to hate, though. And the queen of the Disney villains is Maleficent. She has a style all her own, which is why I needed this Beauty Book.

Normally I save the packaging for last, but this situation calls for it to come first. You are probably familiar with the beauty books done by e.l.f. in the past. This one is done the same way, but this collection is not done by e.l.f. The packaging is a hard cardboard that opens up like a book. Of course. The outside has a screenshot of Maleficent and her castle and the dragon she becomes is in the background. Naturally shades of green, grey, and purple are prominent. It has a magnetic closure and a mirror on the left side. There is a piece of plastic covering up the products, which gets in the way. I may end up cutting mine off.

Shades and What is Included:

  • 9 Eyeshadows (0.18 oz a piece):
    • Slumber: satin pale lilac
    • Slided: satin pale lavender
    • Vanish: shimmering white with silver sparkles
    • Fairy: matte plum brown
    • Satin: grey toned purple
    • Spindle: satin green
    • Dragon: black with silver micro glitter
    • Spellbound: lavender with silver micro glitter
    • Bramble: dark purple with silver micro glitter
  • Eyeshadow Brush
  • Black Liquid Eyeliner Called Diablo (0.12 oz)
  • Mini Lipstick in Revenge: a metallic pinky red (.08 oz)
  • Blush in Evil Enchantress: shimmering peach (0.09 oz)
  • Sheer Magic Eyeshadow Primer (.19 fl oz)
Slumber, Slided, Vanish

Fairy, Satin, Spindle

Dragon, Spellbound, Bramble

For $10, you get a pretty good amount of stuff. But is it any good? Well, it isn't too bad. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is pretty decent.  The worst part is the patchiness when blending and applying them. I wore Fairy in the crease and it was difficult to blend and it did not apply evenly. There are a few shades that look fairly similar. Slumber and Slided look nearly identical. As do Spellbound and Echo. What the shadows lack in pigment, they make up for in texture. They are very smooth and buttery for such an inexpensive product. I still cannot quite get over it. 

The brush is nothing to brag about, but isn't too shabby. It is soft and doesn't shed.  The handle is thicker than I am used to, but that is just personal preference. 

Now how do I describe the liquid liner? I have a love hate relationship with it. I love that it is very pigmented and long lasting. I am used to felt and calligraphy tip eyeliners, but the brush was surprisingly easy to work with. Drawing a wing was no problem. However, I don't like how 'wet' this liner is. It dries a lot more slowly than I am used to, and if you are not careful, you will have a smudgy hot mess on your hands. But as long as you have a steady hand, it is pretty good.

I ran my finger over the liquid liner after waiting about two minutes, and this is what happened.

The blush is really pretty. It is obviously not going to be on par with NARS, Tarte, or even e.l.f. but it is pretty good. The shimmer is not crazy, so if you are not the biggest fan of shimmer, it shouldn't be too much of an issue. Like the eyeshadows, the texture was very smooth and soft.

I haven't even tried the primer on my eyelids and I can already tell that I won't like it. I typically like my primer to offer a little bit of coverage. This one looks like it does, but once blended out, you cannot even see it. But you can feel it. It has a sticky feel to it, which I am not a fan of.

The lipstick color isn't exactly one that I would pair with Maleficent. It is too pink and sparkly. It is a little more Barbie and a lot less sophisticated evil sorceress. But it is a pretty color, and the formula is good, too. It didn't tug, leave my lips feeling dry, and it was very pigmented.

If you are a Disney fanatic like myself,  this could be worth picking up. The quality is good overall, despite the eyeshadows being patchy and a little difficult to blend. I included an FOTD so you can see how the colors work on the face. I used Slided on the eyelid, Fairy in the crease, Vanish as a brow highlight, and Spellbound along the lower lash line.

The collection also consists of nail polishes by Orly. This one is called Mistress of All Evil and it has an oil slick/duochrome thing going on. In the picture below, it looks red. But in other light, it will look gold or green. It is a unique color and I definitely do not have anything like it in my collection.

I also have the palette inspired by the evil queen from Snow White that I will be trying out later in the week. This is a limited edition collection and it is exclusive to Walgreens.

I hope you have had a great weekend! It is finally feeling like fall here in Georgia, so I am off to spend some time outside before it heats back up again.

See you soon!

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  1. Hey! Can you do a review on the evil queen one? Love your review, it was very helpful

    1. Absolutely! I will get one up ASAP. Thank you so much! I am glad you loved it. =)

    2. That'll be so helpful! And the makeup looks very pretty on you, it brings out your eyes! :)


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