Too Faced Le Petit Tresor for Holiday 2015 (Review and Swatches)

8:27 AM

When I first saw this kit, it didn't do much for me. I love lipsticks, anything Paris related, and all shades of blue. But I ended up getting it anyway, and I am so very happy I did. This set is an amazing value. For $29, you get three full sized Le Creme lipsticks and a cute glittery cosmetic bag.  One of the lipsticks is $22.
How cute is the box?

Included Shades:

  • Taffy: pinky nude
  • Nude Beach: warm nude
  • Wham: metallic berry

I wasn't sure about the nudes, but they ended up being my favorite. Both shades are flattering. I wear Taffy when I want a little more color, and stick with Nude Beach when I need a true neutral. Wham is a nice twist on a traditional fall color. It has a metallic finish, but it does not have a crazy amount of sparkle. The only way to get this color is this set. It is not in the normal lineup of the La Creme lippies.

Each tube is 0.11 oz and the active ingredients are peptides and white lotus flower extract. They work together to hydrate and smooth the lips. And that they do very well.

The formula is fantastic overall, but I do have a couple of complaints. They do accentuate lip lines. It isn't something you notice much unless you are standing fairly close. The La Creme's will also make you aware of dry flakes you didn't know where even there, as you will see in some of my lip swatches. It is far from flattering, but that is the reality and that is how I roll here on Atlantan Beauty. And the final negative is that they are not long lasting at all. Their good qualities outweigh the negatives for me. For starters, they are insanely creamy. Maybe even too much so. I say that because they wear down more quickly than other lippies. The pigment and opacity are great, too. They have an opaque, glossy finish to them. That glossiness is a nice little break from the matte lips that are on trend. Don't get me wrong, I love me some matte lips. But a girl needs a break now and then.

The lip swatches actually depress me a little. I was not aware of all of the wrinkles on the corners of my mouth. I should't be shocked. Here is a random factoid for you..those lines run in my family. My mom has them, my grandma has them, and my great-grandma had them. Go figure.

The cosmetics bag is on the small side. Okay, it is tiny. And it is covered in chunky glitter..the kind that is prone to falling off. Obviously, that is irritating. But the fallout from the bag is not bad at all. I have only seen a few here and there in the week I have had it. Plus the zipper handle is a tiny Eiffel Tower.  It is just too cute.

I love this set. Sure, the lipsticks are not perfect, but they are good if you like hydrating lipsticks.  If you are already a fan of the La Creme Lipsticks, or just want to try a few out, get this. Just be prepared for re-applying a couple of times throughout the day. FYI, you will want to anyway because they feel so darn good.

Too Faced's Website
Ulta stores and website
Sephora stores and website

If you order from Too Faced, you can get 20% off by sharing their site or a product from their website on social media. That is a pretty good FYI. =)

Oh, and Happy Halloween! What are your costumes this year? I don't have one, but I do plan on doing my makeup a little more dramatic than usual.

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