Limited Edition Disney Villains Collection: Evil Queen Cast A Spell Beauty Book Review and Swatches

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I know that many people consider Maleficent the ultimate glamorous Disney villain, but I humbly disagree. I think that title goes to the Evil Queen from Snow White. Snow White was always one of my least favorite Disney movies for two reasons: Snow White got on my last nerve, and the Evil Queen, although fierce, terrified me.

For $10, you get a nice kit that comes in cool packaging. On the front cover, each corner has the same  dagger pierced heart that is on the Queen's infamous box. I just think that is a neat detail, as is the apple on the mirror. It is made out of sturdy cardboard and has a magnetic closure.

I just noticed the smirk on her face and I cannot stop laughing. It is almost like she is judging me. I also never noticed how crazy her eyebrows are and now I really cannot stop laughing. You have to excuse me. I am exhausted and have a lot of stuff to catch up on.
I have never seen a more disgusted facial expression. I can't believe I never noticed this while watching the movie.

What You Get:

  • 9 Eyeshadows (0.20 oz each):
    • Magic Spell: satin beige
    • Pure Evil: satin pale yellow
    • Black of Night: satin taupe
    • Cauldron: matte tan
    • Dungeon: matte medium brown
    • Scream of Fright: dark red toned brown with hints of red glitter
    • Curse: shimmering green gold. I think the gold might be an overlay. I've noticed that it looks worn away and each time I swatch it, it looks more forest green and less gold. 
    • Evil Beauty: dark brown with gold shimmer
    • Her Highness: shimmery cranberry

The eyeshadows in these kind of palettes are usually bad, but these are okay. Formulation and texture wise, they are smooth, but have a little bit of density. They are not powdery, so you don't have dust flying all around the palette and I haven't had any issues with fallout. Pigment wise, these are not that great. And when you blend them, they become sheer. I have also noticed that they have a slight tendency to peel or ball up if you get too much product. You can still get a pretty look out of them, but they are not something I am going to reach for. Now if you are newer to makeup and/or don't mind sheerer eyeshadows, I think you will be happy with these. And as always, a good primer (or concealer) goes a long way. The first set of swatches are not done over a primer, but the second set is.

Magic Spell, Pure Evil, Black of Night, Cauldron, Dungeon, Scream of Fright, Curse, Evil Beauty, Her Highness 

Magic Spell, Pure Evil, Black of Night, Cauldron, Dungeon, Scream of Fright, Curse, Evil Beauty, Her Highness

  • Pressed Powder (0.09 oz)
    • Trickery
I'm never a fan of pressed powders in beauty kits. The color is always weird and unflattering. And that is still the case here. It is a little bit chalky and it looks like mud. It is too warm and it makes my skin look dirty. Not a cute look.
  • Eye Pencil (0.02 oz)
    • Dark shadows: black
Now this I like. It has great color payoff and doesn't tug at all. It does smudge easily, though. Just be careful with it and it will be fine. 
  • Lip Gloss (0.22 fl oz)
    • Poison Apple
This is just your standard, run of the mill lip gloss. It is a sheer pink that doesn't seem to go with the evil theme at all. It is slightly sticky, so be prepared for your hair to get stuck to it if it is windy outside. It does feel lightly hydrating and it adds a nice bit of shine to the lips.

  • Eye Crayon (0.08 oz)
    • Vain
Besides the pressed powder, this is the worst product in the kit. It might actually be worse than Trickery because I think there are some people that might like the powder depending on their skin tone. But this crayon is crap. It barely has any pigment. In fact, if it wasn't for the shimmer, I probably couldn't even see it. The texture is good, but what good is that if you cannot see the product? It can be built up a little, but considering how creamy it is, the crayon would be gone in no time. I don't even like it as an eyeshadow base. The shadows cling to it in a weird way and it just doesn't look good.

Below, I have three swatches of Vain. The first is Vain by itself. The second is over primer, and the third is over primer and topped with Curse. I built up the color so you could get an idea of what it looks like.

  • Eyeshadow Brush
This is an okay brush. It is soft and gets the job done, but it is too large. The only thing you can really use it for is applying an all over shade. 

For $10, it isn't a bad little palette. Especially for Disney fanatics like myself, or someone who is newer to makeup. This definitely falls under the category of products I probably won't ever use again.  If you are interested in this palette and the rest of the Disney Villains collection, stop by your local Walgreens. And soon. These are limited edition and I don't think they are going to be around much longer. 

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