My Fabulous October 2015 Favorites

7:51 PM

I am going to just tell you up front to sit down and get comfortable. I have been trying out a plethora of products this month, and a lot of them I have actually liked. So sit back, relax, and lets talk beauty!

1.) Lorac Mega Pro 2 Palette.
Are you shocked by this? I think everybody and their mother loves this palette. Great formula, and it covers all of the basics. You get a wonderful mix of mattes and shimmers. Go out and get it.

2.) Clinique Acne Solutions System
I started using the foaming cleanser, clarifying lotion, and all over treatment to clear the stubborn acne I have had since March. My skin is a thousand times better now. I just grabbed the travel sized kit because I don't like using it long term because it does dry my skin out a little bit. But if you have some stubborn acne and nothing is working for you, give Clinique a try.

3.) Catrice Illuminating Highligher Pen
I repurchased this. Enough said, and review coming up sometime soon.

4.) Anastasia Brow Whiz and Benefit's Give Me Brow
I completely understand why everyone loves Brow Wiz so much now. It is the best eyebrow pencil I have tried thus far because it doesn't tug, it is precise, and the pigment is good. It makes life a little easier while also making sure your eyebrow game is on point.

But Benefit's Gimme Brow is amazing, too. It is great for those lazy days. All you have to do is quickly swipe the spooky through your brows, and presto. Perfect eyebrows.

5.) Too Faced Le Grand Chateau Palette
The only two palettes I have really been using this month consistently are the there included with this palette, and the Lorac Mega Pro 2. I know a lot of people dislike the blushes in this kit, but I like them. I like my blush to be very subtle, so they are perfect for me. And the eyeshadows are great. I'll be reviewing this one later in the week.

6.) Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Perfume
I received this in an Influnester Vox Box and it was love at first sniff. It is not too sweet, too fruity, or too warm. It is just a great fall fragrance.

7.) SNP Bird's Nest Aqua Patch
I've had these eye patches for a couple of months, but I really started using them a lot in October. They really do make a difference. My eyes look less puffy and a lot more smooth. Plus they are a really pretty, sparkly blue.

8.) Kate Somerville ExfoliKATE
I had a bunch of samples and it was time for me to use them. I was terrified of this product because I was worried that it would burn and irritate my skin. But it hasn't. It works really well at getting rid of dead skin and any gross gunk on the surface of the skin. I love it, but I don't know if I will buy the full size. I watched a couple of CoffeeBreakWithDani's recent videos, and she mentioned a Pacifica exfoliant that is almost exactly like it for a lot less money.

9.) Too Faced's Melted Ruby Lipstick
I have had this for a long, long time. But I haven't used it too often for whatever reason. But this is the perfect red for my skin tone. It is long lasting, opaque, smooth, and it doesn't dry my lips out too much.

10.) M.A.C's Enchanted Eve Eye Bags in Neutral and Smoky
If you don't have a large M.A.C collection, but want to try them out, you need to look in to these. Each one comes with (all full sized) a False Lashes Mascara, a Paint Pot, Fluidline eyeliner, a lovely cosmetics bag, and a double ended brush. I love each and everyone of these products. I use them everyday now.

11.) Doctor Lip Bang's Lip Freak Buzzing Lip Balm
Yeah, I said buzzing. It literally does buzz, as in it makes your lips feel like they are vibrating. It is pretty cool. It also does a great job at moisturizing my lips. I found mine at Marshalls, but I have also seen it on Ulta's website recently.

12.) Wet n Wild Centerstage Collection To Reflect Shimmer Palette in Hollywood Boulevard
If you can't afford a Becca highlighter, this is the next best thing. You can very easily get an "on fleck" highlight with this product. The formulation is amazing. It is smooth, it is crazy pigmented, and it is just gorgeous. It is a smudge too gold for my taste, but I still love it.

13.) Kiss Gel Fantasy Ready to Wear Nails and 100 Count Active Oval Nails
I can't stand getting my nails done, and these Kiss nails are the next best thing. I have been obsessed with them. The Gel Fantasy line comes in different shapes and pre-made designs for times I don't want to paint my nails. And when I do want to paint them, I just use the Active Oval nails. Each version last about a week and half. And I am constantly doing house hold chores and what not.

14.) Too Faced Le Petit Tresor Set
This gift set is an amazing value because you get three full sized La Creme lipsticks for $29, and one costs $22. I love the formula of these lipsticks because they are moisturizing while having great pigment, and a glossy finish.

Whew. This was a rather exhausting post to put together. There are so many great things out there right now that it is hard to narrow it down. I will be back soon with a review of the Too Faced Le Grand Chateau palette.

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