What's New at Walgreens & First Look at Revlon's Not Just Nudes Palette

5:22 PM

Hi, everyone! I hope you had a great Tuesday. I happened to stop in one of the local Walgreens, and it is the dangerous one. It is the only store in my area that gets all of the new stuff in a timely fashion. I didn't go too crazy, but there are some things I wanted to share with you, including one of the new Revlon Not Just Nudes palettes. And they look a lot like the Maybelline palettes, but the packaging is larger and thinner.

I got the Romantic Nudes palette because I already have so many warm toned eyeshadows. This one has rosy shades mixed with cool neutrals. It comes with 10 eyeshadows that are .5 oz and it costs $14.99. I swatched a few of the shades, and I am feeling a little "meh" about them. Maybe over a primer I'll like them more.

I have been on a serious hunting mission for the Burt's Bees limited edition Mint Cocoa balm. I already love mint or mint chocolate anything, but I am obsessed with it in the winter. The scent reminds of a lip balm I used a long time ago in my early teens. Maybe from Bath and Body Works? I am not sure, but it doesn't smell quite as great I was hoping. Still good, but I am not going to sit here and rave about it.

Because one lip balm just isn't enough, I had to get three of the new Holiday scented Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms.  I picked Mint Please, Spice It Up, and Cocoa Crush.

I don't know if these nails are actually new, but I have never seen them before. They are by House of Holland, and they remind me a lot of the Nail Hur nails. These are gorgeous and look well made. The style is called Glitterbug. I think they were technically for Halloween, but I don't care. I will be rocking these.

I have been wanting to try my hand at false lashes for awhile. I wore these by Kiss today and really liked them, so I picked up another double pack of them. I have no idea if these are new because I haven't been keeping up with false lashes. I just wanted to share them with you. =)

This next product isn't exciting, but it is a cute take on a beauty essential: the Q-tip. But with our favorite Disney villains on them.

There were some other new offerings, such as pre-made Almay sets and their lip glosses packaged as ornaments, but nothing too exciting. I will test these products out for you and let know what I think about them. =)

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  1. The palette looks very nice, and the shades are so pretty in the swatches! It looks better than I expected for a Revlon palette.


    1. I was pretty pleased, too. I usually don't like Revlon all that much.


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