Limited Edition Maybelline Baby Lips in Mint Please and Cocoa Crush

9:40 AM

I have had these for going on two months now. I got excited when I saw some of the names because I could just imagine how wonderful they would smell and what color they would be. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of these.

I am not a huge fan of the Baby Lips line to begin with, but I still enjoy them from time to time. I think I have at least one lip balm from each collection they have done. My favorite so far have been the Neons, but that is beside the point. I actually picked up three, but the last one has gone missing and I am honestly okay with that.

Mint Please is a very sheer baby pink that can barely be seen when applied. It just adds a touch of shine to the lips without much color. It does have a minty scent.

Cocoa Crush is a peachy nude that adds some nice color. It has a subtle chocolate scent.

The first thing I hate about these is the scent, or rather the lack thereof.  The scent is so subtle, that it might as well not even be there. When applying the balms, I can't detect anything. Normally this wouldn't bother me so much, but this is one of the reasons I purchased these. With names like Mint Please and Cocoa Crush, you kind of expect them to smell amazing. Luckily Burt's Bees Mint Cooca lip balm smells awesome and gives me my nostalgic mint chocolate fix. I say nostalgic because it reminds me of Lip Smackers Mint Chocolate Chip,which I wore all the time as a kid.

When first applied, they actually feel nice. They have quite a bit of slip, so they do not cling or hang onto the lips well. It doesn't feel like they absorb into the skin, but rather just sit on top. Each one feels hydrating at first, but when they wear off, my lips feel even drier than they did before. Talk about a huge bummer. My lips also have dry flakes and just don't feel very comfortable.

I always get sucked in by the cheery, youthful packaging. They know how to make the tubes simple, but eye-catching. If you are someone who doesn't need a lot of hydration for your lips, you might like these.

I found them at Walgreens, but I haven't seen them anywhere else yet. But the area I live in is usually slow when it comes to getting new products.

Maybe my expectations were too high. Have you gotten any of the limited edition Baby Lips? What do you think of them?

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