Stila A Whole Lot of Love Gift Set Review and Swatches

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I have had this palette for quite sometime now, and I haven't really talked about it too much for some reason. I am not sure why because it is quite good and I like using it. But it isn't something that I feel myself wanting to reach for all the time.

What's Included:

  • Four 0.16 oz blushes
  • Twenty 0.03 oz eyeshadows in matte, pearl, and shimmer finishes
  • Deluxe sample of Huge Extreme Lash Mascara (0.2 oz)

  • White Sparkle is a sheer pearly white with small chunks of silver glitter. This shade is very light and barely detectable against my skin. It looks lovely as a brow highlight or in the inner corner. Despite the chunks of glitter, fallout has not been an issue with this shade. The texture is soft, but there is a slight grittiness due to the glitter.
  • Pale peach is just that. It has a matte finish and it is also a very light shade, but it has decent color payoff. It is also slightly patchy and I have noticed that it flakes. But none of that is an issue once applied to the eyes. It makes a nice base color and I also use to blend out harsh edges if I am doing a warm toned eye look. It is very smooth and soft.
  • Nude Shimmer is an intense shimmery (almost metallic)  pinky beige. It kind of reminds me of a Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadow because of how intense the shimmer is. It is very buttery and soft. It looks gorgeous on the lid with basically any color in the crease. It also makes a stunning inner corner highlight. It is one of my favorite shades in the palette. 
  • Metallic Peach is a light peachy pink with a shimmer finish. This shade is a little disappointing to me because I expected it to have better pigment. It is still a gorgeous color, but I expected the same intensity as Nude Shimmer or Rose Gold. Like Nude Shimmer, it feels very soft and buttery. You can't ask for a much better texture.
  • Rose Gold is the ultimate shimmery copper. This shade makes me giddy because it is perfection. It has intense pigment and amazing color payoff. It almost feels like a cream eyeshadow because it is so buttery and smooth. 

  • Rose Pewter is a shimmery pinky toned taupe with chunks of glitter. This is a beautiful shade, but the chunks of glitter can make it a little challenging to work with. It does cause some fallout, but it is not bad. The color payoff is nowhere near as intense as you would think by how it looks in the pan. It still has nice pigmentation, though. It does have a slightly gritty texture, but it is smooth overall.
  • Seaweed is an olive green with a pearl finish. It is a little bit sheer, but the color can be built up. That is a quality I appreciate in darker shades like this because it makes them a little bit easier to work with. Like the other shadows with a pearl finish, the texture is amazing. 
  • Metallic Taupe is more of a light bronze than a taupe. It also has more of a pearl finish than metallic. It doesn't have a lot of color payoff, but it does look lovely on the lid for an everyday look with a little bit of shine. It is smooth, but it has a little bit more density than some of the other eyeshadows
  • Warm Honey is a matte tan with good pigment and color payoff. I use this shade a lot in the crease and it works wonderfully for warm toned looks. Like Metallic Taupe, it feels more densely packed than a lot of the other shades in the palette.
  • Warm Taupe is just that. It is a matte shadow with nice pigment and color payoff. It isn't the least bit patchy, chalky, or powdery. The texture is also nice. It is dense, but also soft and smooth.

  • Cool Taupe is a matte true taupe. It has a wonderful balance of brown and grey tones. It is slightly less pigmented than Warm Taupe, but the color build up nicely. It is also is not patchy or chalky.
  • Chocolate is a matte dark brown that is a little bit "meh" in the pigment department. It isn't as intense as I would like, but the color is easy to build. It is a little bit patchy compared to the previous mattes, but I have tried eyeshadows that are much worse. It isn't terrible, but it also isn't one of the best shades in the palette.
  • Rose is a matte warm pink. It is very smooth and blendable. The only negative is that it can flake a little bit. 
  • Deep Plum is a satin purple toned brown with pink shimmer throughout.  I didn't have high hopes for this one, but it has surprised me. It has nice pigment and color payoff. It is not gritty and it has a soft, smooth texture. I have noticed that it is just a teensy bit patchy, but that has not caused any issues for me. However, this color does produce some fall out.
  • Lapis is a medium blue with a pearl finish. This one is not quite as pigmented as I would have hoped, but the color can be built up easily. 

  • Denim is a midnight blue with a pearl finish. It has decent pigmentation, but like Lapis, the color can be built up.
  • Frosted Lavender is a very light, pearlescent lilac. It is a beautiful shade, but it is hard to see until the light hits it just right. The intensity can be built up a little bit, but it only makes a slight difference. Using a product like M.A.C's Painterly Paint Pot or even a concealer also helps.
  • Eggplant is a dark, chocolate brown with just a touch of purple. It is the worst offender when it comes to patchy application, but even so, it isn't that bad. Eggplant does have pretty good pigment, but it is a little tough to blend.
  • Black Pearl is charcoal with silver micro glitter. Nothing too special here. It is a little bit sheer, but otherwise it has good pigment.
  • Coal is just your everyday matte black. It isn't remarkable. I've used better, but I have also used a whole lot worse.

  • Light Pink
  • Dusty Rose
  • Peach Shimmer
  • Berry Shimmer

Overall, this is a nice palette with good eyeshadows. Most of them are great, but there are a few that are just mediocre. I find the eyeshadows to be very soft and smooth, but I wouldn't go as far as to call them buttery. I have had no issues with creasing or fading as long as I wear a primer underneath. I haven't tried many Stila products before, but this palette is a great introduction to the brand. The best part of this set are the four blushes. They are amazing! The pigment is great, and so is the texture. They blend out really well and they are just amazing to work with. The colors are suitable for everyday wear, even the shimmery ones are. The shimmers are not too intense once you apply them, but they can definitely be built up if you like your blush to pack more of a punch.

Even the included mascara is great. I like the volume it gave my lashes and it did not clump or flake off.

I love the vintage feel of the packaging, It reminds me of old stationary and the magnetic closure of the palette looks like a letter seal. There are purple accents that make the gold pop even more. The only thing that drives me insane about the packaging is that the shade names are only included on the back of the box. It would have been nice to at least have a removable plastic overlay with the names printed. It is also quite bulky, so it does take up a good deal of space. Considering how much I like this palette, it is not too big of a deal. It is just  more of a minor inconvenience that I thought was worth mentioning. 

I am pretty sure this set is $59. I literally just went on Sephora and Ulta's site, and it is no longer listed.  But it is on Stila's site.

If you are a makeup hoarder like myself, I think you will enjoy this. It would also make a great gift for someone who is new to makeup and trying to expand their collection.

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