Swatchfest Sunday (Well, Monday): The Tartelette Palette vs Tartelette in Bloom

7:11 AM

This post isn't going to be a review of either palette. Well, at least not a full one. Since I have both of them and I have not done this kind of post in quite some time now, I figured this would be the perfect topic. Thank you Tarte for including some shimmering shades in Tartelette in Bloom.

Even though this isn't a review, I will say that I love the original Tartelette palette. I reach for it quite often. I have only used Tartelette in bloom twice, but so far I am liking it. The metallic shades are gorgeous. Oh, and it smells just like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes.

Tartelette (all mattes):                                                               

  • Free Spirit: cream                                                   
  • Force of Nature: nude
  • Dreamer: red brown
  • Multi Tasker: chocolate brown
  • Caregiver: baby pink
  • Best Friend: mulberry
  • Bombshell: plum
  • Super Mom: ivory
  • Wanderer: light warm brown
  • Power Player: taupe
  • Fashionista: black

Tartelette in Bloom:

  • Charmer: matte off white
  • Jetsetter: matte taupe
  • Rocker: metallic taupe
  • Smokeshow: matte blackened brown
  • Flower Child: matte beige
  • Smarty Pants: matte light tan
  • Firecracker: metallic bronze
  • Activist: matte dark brown
  • Funny Girl: metallic champagne
  • Sweetheart: matte peach
  • Rebel: matte warm brown
  • Leader: matte plum brown

Row 1:

Row 2:

Row 3:

Overall, Tartelette in Bloom is more warm toned than the original. I still need to try it out some more before doing a review, but so far I am liking it a lot. I hope you find these swatches helpful. I meant to post this yesterday, but between running errands and catching up on stuff around the house, I got a little behind. But better late than never, right?

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