Best of 2015: Miscellaneous Beauty Products

6:06 AM

My final "Best of 2015" installment will consist of products that did not quite fit into the previous two categories. I wanted to have this up yesterday, but I had a family emergency to deal with. I have some time to kill this morning, so I brought my computer with me to the hospital.

Best of 2015 Cont'd

1.) Kiss EZ Trio Lash Collection
If you are new to false lashes like I am, these lashes are a dream come true. They apply almost effortlessly and they don't look as intense as a lot of false lashes out there. You can play around with them until you create a look that is just right for you. They are budget friendly and can be found at all drugstores.

2.) Kiss Active Oval Artificial Nails
I can never keep my nails long and strong, plus I hate going to nail salons. I just have a thing about people touching me and I don't like sitting there for so long.  These glue on nails are the next best thing. They are much easier to paint than my real nails and the polish stays put. They are sturdy, too. I have done dishes, taken out the trash, showered, cooked, vacuumed, worked out, and they stay put for at least a week. Around day 6 or 7 is when one or two start to loosen up. For around $5, you get 100 and you get quite a few sizes. I have had the same pack for a couple of months and used them 3 times with more to spare.

3.) Kiss Gel Fantasy Artificial Nails
No, I am not being sponsored by Kiss. Their products are just that good. These go along with the active oval nails, but all of the nail art is done for you. They look professionally dome without the money and time. I like using these because I am terrible with nail art and they add some extra pizazz. Like the above nails, they last for 7 days.

4.) Fekkai Salon Professional Color Care Technician Mask
This is a little pricey at $24, but it is the best hair mask I have ever used. In fact, it makes my hair look so good that I wouldn't even rinse it out. It kept my hair frizz free and soft without making my hair greasy or weighed down. In fact, it is time for me to repurchase. I have tried other products, and they just are not the same.

5.) Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Eau de Parfum
I don't talk much about the fragrances I use, but this one has been holy grail status for a few years. I stopped using it for a while because I was obsessed with Tom Ford's Velvet Orchid. While Velvet Orchid is fantastic, it is expensive and I wanted to save it. Parisienne is the perfect balance of warm and sweet. It is sexy, mysterious, and fun all at the same time. It is also one of the few fragrances that stays on me for more than an hour. I love the logo for this fragrance. "She is not from Paris, but Paris adopts her."

6.) Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium
I discovered this wonderful fragrance thanks to Influenster. It is similar to Parisienne in that is a nice blend of warm and sweet. The main notes in Black Opium are black coffee, white floral, and vanilla. That isn't a combination you can go wrong with. I used this a lot in autumn.

7.) Zoya Nail Polish in Dream
Zoya nail polish is phenomenal to begin with, but Dream is a color I cannot stop staring at! It is a deep sapphire with stunning holographic glitter. It just makes me happy.

8.) Tresemme Extra Hold Mousse
My haircare routine is extremely low maintenance, which is why you rarely see me mention it. The only styling product that I have used a lot is this mousse. It is cheap and it keeps my curls in check better than most products.

9.) Caress Fine Fragrance Love Forever Body Wash
I first heard about this from one of Coffee Break With Dani's videos. It does not smell like a cheap body wash. It is much more luxurious and it lathers up well.  It smells of roses and it has the color of red roses, too. Some people seem to be freaked out by that, so I figured I should address it. It doesn't bother and it doesn't stain my shower. This also has Fragrance Release Pearls that Caress designed to release the scent whenever you touch your skin. Cool, right?

That sums up my little best of 2015 series. Next I am either going to do a vox box unboxing or a post about some of the new NYX products at Ulta.

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  1. I really want Black opium it smells amazing so expensive but smells amazing!!

    1. It is by far one of my favorite fragrances. But it is pricey. =( Which is why I use my deluxe sample sparingly. Lol


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