Lets Take a Peek At the New NYX Products Popping Up At Ulta

9:05 AM

I think everyone knows that NYX has some new intriguing and fun products that are now available at Ulta. Fortunately, I got an Ulta gift card for Christmas, so you know what happened. Lol.  I have only tried one thing so far, but I hope to use the glitter and ombre lip duos soon. I would like to at least try the liquid liners tomorrow.

NYX has released a couple of new primers, and one is called the Soft Focus Primer. It has a balm like texture. Here is what NYX says: "No need for filters with the NYX Soft Focus Primer that is infused with the skin conditioning ingredients vitamin E and argan oil. It gives a velvety skin perfecting finish that will minimize imperfections and creates a smooth canvas for makeup application."
Well, I have used it three times and it does seem to make foundation application smooth. The pores around my nose also seem to be less noticeable. This combined with a foundation, topped with Maybelline's new setting powder and Wet n Wild's Photofocus Setting Spray has done one heck of a job at making my foundation last longer. It seems to be an okay product, but I wouldn't say you need to rush out and get it just yet.

They released some new eyeliners called Vivid Brights that come in fun colors. I picked up Vivid Fire and Vivid Violet. I have always wanted a red liquid liner for some crazy reason and the violet shade looked pretty. The other shades looked too pastel, but I might go back and get a couple of the. When swatched, the look pigmented and opaque.

I think I am most excited about the ombre lip duos. Ombre lips are a polarizing look. You either love them or hate them. I love them when done right, which is why I have never done one for myself. Hopefully these will be a fool proof way to achieve the look. I picked up Hollywood & Wine for a brighter lip and Ginger and Nutmeg for a subtle, nude ombre lip.

I don't think this is actually brand new, but I think it has finally made it to Ulta. I saw the display for the Whipped Lip and Cheek Souffle. I went with Berry Tea because it was the only shade I could see myself using as a lip product and blush. It looks a lot less intense in person. It is lighter and less red.

I don't own any kind of glitter and as a makeup fanatic, that is just unacceptable. So I bought two of the new face and color glitters along with the new glitter primer. I kept it pretty safe and got copper and red. I wanted to try red on my lips and copper on my eyes.

There is a lot more, but these products caught my attention over everything else. I can't wait to try everything out. Have you picked up any of the new NYX products?

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  1. oooo everything looks amazing, it'll probably take forever for those ombre lip duos to reach the UK :'(( Lol great post :))

    Christine | www.yveschild.com

    1. I was so tempted to get every single new item they had. Lol. I hope they don't take too long to get over there. And thank you so much. =)


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