Nails of the Week: Zoya's Kristen

6:28 PM

Since I have found an easy way to keep my nails looking nice (thank you, Kiss!), I figured that I would start doing a "nails of the week" post. I have wanted Zoya's 'Kristen' since it came out. Not only is it gorgeous, but it has my name. Obviously I had to have it. I bought it a week ago at Ulta and I have been wearing it since.

It is a beautiful muted grey-blue. It is a bit streaky, but it is a great polish. It is perfect for someone who typically prefer neutrals, but want to venture into a bit of color.

I am wearing this shade over false nails, but I have noticed significantly less wear and tear. Other polishes usually chip a little around the very edges, but Kristen hasn't done that.

Now I am on the hunt for two new shades by Zoya: Ireland and Eastyn.

What nail polish are you wearing this week?

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