Physicians Formula Extreme Shimmer Disco Glam Shadow & Liner in Glam Nude (Review and Swatches)

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Today I will be reviewing and swatching a product that I feel very strongly about. And I mean that in a negative way. In fact, I don't know if I have ever hated a product this much. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen this swatched. I bought this palette because Tati of Glam Life Guru on Youtube raved about them and they looked great when she swatched them. However, I despise this product. I just can't get it to work for me and I don't like putting in a lot of work to get something to look good on me.

Physicians Formula has released a lot of new products, just like every other brand'. They look amazing, so I picked up a few things. These eyeshadows are designed to be worn wet or dry. I am not one to wear my eyeshadows wet and these are so bad dry, that I didn't even try them wet. However, I will provide swatches that have been done with a damp brush.

Glam Nude is a neutral palette with a pop of purple and it is divided into three trios.
First Trio:

  • Shimmering champagne with gold shimmer
  • Shimmering copper that has no color payoff. It is just a bunch of gold shimmer.
  • Shimmering brown that also has no color payoff whatsoever. It is just more gold micro glitter.
The first trio is the worst. None of the shades even show up on my eyes. They are chunky and almost impossible to work with. The produce tons of fallout. Normally fallout doesn't bother me, but it becomes an issue when I cannot remove it. They creased after an hour of wear and the shadows were almost non-existent by the days end. 

Second Trio:
  • Shimmering taupe with gold micro glitter. This shade had a little bit of color payoff.
  • Satin violet with purple shimmer. Again, this one had a little bit of color payoff.
  • Dark brown with gold micro glitter. This was the only decently pigmented shade of the palette.
The second set was better than the first, but it was still bad. The purple leaves a lot to be desired, and the taupe blends into nothing. These three still crease, but they do not fade quite as badly. For a nearly $13 palette, I expect A LOT more. Each of the shades flake and peel as well. 
Swatched dry with no primer, one layer.

Swatched dry and layered, not over primer

Swatched with a damp brush and layered

The only positive thing I can say about these shadows is that are soft and buttery. That is the only thing they have going for them. The pigment is bad, even when applied damp. The only difference I noticed is that applying them with a damp brush helps the shadows stick together a lot better. 

The gold, glittery packaging is cute. The magnetic closure is nice and it is small enough to fit in your bag. I haven't seen any glitter from the outside of the packaging fall out, so you should be safe. You don't get a lot of product for the price, either. It is also challenging to fit a brush into the two smaller pans. You are supposed to use the sponge that comes with the palette, but that doesn't make a difference. 

Physicians Formula does say that this palette is gluten free, paraben free, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and cruelty free. 

If you are thinking about buying this palette, just don't. It is a waste of money. I normally don't bother with taking things back to the drugstore, but this is an exception. I was going to wear it yesterday, but it looked so terrible on my eyes that I had to remove it. I couldn't even begin to fix it.

Up next I will have a review up of the kajal/liquid liner duos that go with this collection. See you soon!

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