A Look at Hard Candy Spring 2016 Complete With Swatches

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Hard Candy and I go way back. I remember having a cinnamon flavored lip balm when I was a pre-teen that I was obsessed with. It it is exciting to see them expand and improve their line. They have a lot of exciting things for us this spring. I went to Walmart yesterday to pick up some things for tonight's dinner, and of course I had to see if the new items were on the shelf. And they were. Lets take a peek.

The first thing I reached for was the Sheer Envy Hydrating Primer Mist with coconut water. It reminded me of the Smashbox Primer Water, but a heck of a lot cheaper. I think this was $8. It is oil free, silicone free, and alcohol free plus it as electrolytes. It sounds amazing, so hopefully it is good.

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Hydrating Primer Mist
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Then they released the Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Colour. The tins that they come in are beautiful. They open up to reveal the product and the other side has a mirror. Each shade is named after a flower and the tins reflect that as well. I picked up Sweet Pea and Cherry Blossom. I haven't worn these yet, but I have swatched them. They feel thin and lightweight. They do have a mousse like texture, but it isn't as prominent or heavy as the new Tarte Lip Paints (which I do like). The colors are beautiful, so I have high hopes for them.

Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Liquid Lipstick

Hard Candy Velvet Mousse in Sweet Pea

Hard Candy Velvet Mousse in Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea

Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Lipstick Sweet Pea and Cherry Blossom
Sweet Pea and Cherry Blossom

Hard Candy also a lot of new contouring and strobing products. I resisted the contouring kits because I already have a lot, plus I am slightly over contouring. However, I did pick up the Look Pro Illuminate and Strobing Mix In Drops. These drops are designed to be used alone or mixed in with your foundation to boost radiance. I swatched it on my hand, and I wasn't impressed. In fact, I could barely tell it was there. I hope it will do better when mixed in with my foundation. The second strobing product I bought was their Look Pro Illuminate and Strobing Face Duo Stick. One hand has a silvery pink highlighter and the other is slightly darker and warm toned. The idea is to use both shades to accentuate the high points of your face and give you a healthy, dewy look.

Hard Candy Strobing

Hard Candy Illuminating and Strobing Drops

Hard Candy Illuminating and Strobing Drops

Hard Candy Strobing Stick

They also have a few shades of a new sheer blush gel called Cheeky Tints. Keep in mind that these are supposed to be sheer, so if you like a blush that packs pigment, this won't be for you. I got the shade Ballerina, which is a light pink. It is more sheer than I expected, but it looks like the color can be built up a little bit. As long as it stays on for more than an hour, I can see myself liking this.

Hard Candy Cheeky Tints Blush for Spring 2016

Hard Candy Cheeky Tints Blush for Spring 2016

Since I have tackled winged eyeliner, I have an eyeliner addiction. I want to try all of the liquid and gel liners. Hard Candy has a few liquid liners that have interesting felt tips. I have one of them and I like it. One of the new ones is called Bold & Gorgeous Dare to Flick Felt Tip Liner. It says "Cat Eye Approved" right on the box and that sold me. Plus the colors are eye catching. It claims to last 12 hours in addition to being smudge proof and budge proof. Sign me up.

Hard Candy Dare To Flick Eyeliner

Hard Candy Dare To Flick Eyeliner

Last but not least are these cute, yet somewhat childish, nail polishes. I think I only bought one because it felt nostalgic and took me back to the good ole' days. The have different shades, but I got Girlie. Which is a bright pink with blue shimmer. It even comes with a ring. I couldn't help myself. I wanted to feel like a kid again.

I am going to do my nails tonight and I will post the finished product on Instagram and Snapchat. =)

I will try these products out and get back to you.

See you soon!

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  1. Ohh, that primer mist looks so interesting!! And I totally remember those old nail polishes. I used to beg for them allll the time! Lol. Hope you have a great Valentine's Day! :)

    1. I have used it the last couple of days and I like it so far. Plus it smells like coconut. =) Me, too! Those and the cute little Bon Bons nail polishes. Lol.
      Thank you! Have a great week!


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