Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Mascara in Nothing But Bru-Nette Review

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Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Mascara in Nothing But Bru-nette

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Mascara in Nothing But Bru-Nette

The new Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Mascara was released with the many, many products for Spring 2016. I have learned to never expect much from Wet n Wild because their products will wow you or completely disappoint you. There is rarely an in-between. I don't talk about my favorite brow products because that is one area where I am not high maintenance. I don't like the perfect "Instagram" brow for some reason, so I go for more of the natural, girl on the go look. Which is why this product is great. You just run it through your brows and bam. You instantly look more polished.
Swatch of Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Mascara in Nothing But Bru-Nette

I wasn't sure about it at first, but I liked it more and more with each use. The spooly is a bit larger than I would like because it doesn't allow for extremely precise application. But it is still really close. It is tapered, which helps a lot.

The pigment is amazing, which can be a good or bad thing. It is easy to go over board at first. I know this from first hand experience. It gives my brows a nice color while filling in any sparse areas, which helps my eyes stand out more. My favorite part about this product is how it helps my brows to stay in place all day without making them feel crunchy. I hate that feeling, which is why I tend to avoid brow mascaras and brow gels.  By the way, this stuff doesn't have a gel like consistency. It is pretty thin (but not watery) and it doesn't have the sticky feel of a gel. The packaging does describe it as a cream-gel hybrid, which sounds about right. It sounds strange, but it works.

I also discovered an unexpected use for this yesterday morning. I have been meaning to clean up my brows for weeks. I tweezed them just before applying the brow mascara. Because this stuff does such a great job of shaping your brows, I noticed stray hairs that I didn't see before and I was able to give them a better shape.

Pardon the eyeshadow situation. I'll be talking more about this later.

The above pictures were taken prior to application.  They just look kind of blah. Or a lot blah.

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Mascara in Nothing But Bru-Nette

Now that is much better. Five seconds later and my brows are tamed. I recommend cleaning off some of the excess before applying. Otherwise you might get some of the product on the skin around your eye. It also tones down the pigment and makes it a little easier to work with.

I got this at Walgreens sometime ago and I actually haven't seen it anywhere since. Maybe I am just not looking hard enough. Either way, I intend on buying this again. I don't remember the price, and I can't find it online, but I am pretty sure it was less than $6. I think it also came a shade lighter and a shade darker.

What are some of your favorite brow products?

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