Review and Swatches of City Color's Hi-Intense Creamy Lip Paint in Endless Love

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On Thursday, I went in Five Below just to look around and to see if they had my mom's favorite candy. I remembered they sold some products by City Color, and I walked out with a few things, including this lip paint. The cashier said they had just put them out, so I am assuming they are fairly new. Anyways, I tried this on Saturday and wanted to share my thoughts on it.

City Color Hi-Intense Lip Paint

First starters, you get a lot of product. The tube has 0.24 oz of product, and a little bit does go a long way. There are four colors. Endless Love is a beautiful rosy pink. For some reason, I assumed that this would be more like a liquid lipstick. Possibly something like ColourPop's Ultra Satin Lip.

City Color Hi-Intense Lip Paint Swatch

City Color Hi-Intense Lip Paint

City Color Hi-Intense Lip Paint
Ugh..the bleeding. I did re-apply so you could see what it looked like after application.

But it is a gloss. A very opaque and intense gloss. It reminds me a lot of the Hard Candy Fierce Effects gloss, which is great. Texture wise, it is very thick. However, it does not feel sticky on the lips. I wore it on a rainy, windy day, and my hair did not stick to it. That is the very reason I don't wear gloss often, so that is a big deal to me. It has a nice slip to it and it has a TON of shine.

It has a lot of pigment and the color stays for many hours, but the shine goes away pretty quickly. It went away almost instantly after eating or drinking, but otherwise the shine stayed for two or three hours. Not bad for any gloss, but it is especially great for one that is $5. An added benefit is how hydrating it feels. There are no claims about hydration, but it feels just as, if not more, hydrating than a lot of moisturizing glosses.

City Color Hi-Intense Lip Paint
After about six hours of wear. 

The only bad thing about this gloss is that it feathers and bleeds far more than any lip product I have ever tried. I included pictures where the bleeding was prominent so you can see how bad it gets. It is nothing a lip liner won't fix, but I almost never wear lip liner and I certainly don't want to fool with it when I just want to slap on some gloss. I also wasn't crazy about the applicator at first. It is a brush that resembles a larger version of the applicator for the NARS Larger Than Life gloss.  It doesn't fray or bend too easily, so you are still able to navigate the contours of your lips fairly easily.

City Color Hi-Intense Lip Paint

City Color Hi-Intense Lip Paint

City Color Hi-Intense Lip Paint

I also want to mention that this product does have mineral oil as the first ingredient. I generally try to stay away from products that have mineral oil because it can cause me to break out, and it is just a controversial ingredient.

There is a slight synthetic rose scent. It isn't strong and it quickly vanishes.

Overall, I was actually pleased with this product. It performed well minus the bleeding, but that is easily remedied. For the price and amount you get, it might be worth checking out as long as you are not sensitive or strongly opposed to mineral oil.

I am unsure if it is available at any other stores, but you can purchase it on their website.

I am also trying out their color correctors. If you would like to see a first impressions or review on them, just let me know. =)

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