Borghese Fango Active 2 pc Set ft the Fango Active Mud and Fango Active Radiance Oil

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Borghese was kind enough to send me this set about two months ago, maybe not quite that long ago. I have always wanted to try the Fango Active Mud, so I was already excited to see that in the package. Then I noticed that they also sent the new Fango Active Radiance Facial Oil and I became even more excited.

I have been using the products ever since and I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys.

I am not being sponsored for this post and I am not affiliated with Borghese. Okay, so now that is out of the way, let us continue to the good stuff.

Borghese Fango Active Mud For Face and Body

I will start with the Fango Active Mud. This stuff does a lot of great things. It helps with cell turnover, deep cleans your pores, hydrates, exfoliates, and even firms. It has different minerals as well as almond oil and avocado oil.

I loved the Fango Active Mud instantly. The packaging is lovely, and I like that it is in a jar. I find that mud masks are incredibly difficult to dispense out of a squeeze tube. Fango comes in glass jar that looks great sitting on my bathroom counter. The only downside is that the latch can be a little difficult to work with. It certainly keeps the lid secure. Now on to the product itself. It looks like it would be very, very thick. But it actually isn't. Of course you can build it up, but I find that a nice, thin layer works just fine for me. It isn't stiff and it spreads around the face easily. It is a lot less messy that other mud masks I have tried. It rinses off my hands easily, and with warm water, it easy to rinse off of my face. You only have to leave it on for about five minutes and rinse it off with warm water. I like that it is quick. Most of the time I don't feel like leaving a mask on for twenty or more minutes.  The instructions say to use it once a week, but I will usually apply it twice a week. This makes a perfect mid-week treat for your skin. It does dry pretty quickly and it will cause your skin to feel a little cracked if you leave it for much longer than five minutes. The results are great, though. It doesn't leave my skin feeling irritated or too dry, and it doesn't make skin look red. But it does tingle a lot for the first 30-40 seconds. The next day, my skin will look a lot more even, smooth and clear.  I can actually tell a difference in my skin if I go too long without using it. It will look more congested and less smooth. I like the scent of it, too. It has an earthy, herbal, slightly sweet scent, but it isn't too intense.

Borghese Fango Active Mud For Face and Body

Borghese Fango Active Mud For Face and Body

Borghese Fango Active Mud For Face and Body

Sadly, I didn't like the Fango Radiance Oil as much. This product is designed to use right after the Fango Active Mud, but you can also apply it as part of your regular skincare routine.  Borghese's Fango Active Radiance Oil soothes the skin, improves skin texture, help with redness, restore lipid loss. add radiance, improve elasticity, and hydrate the skin. I used this oil every evening for about a week and half. It caused a few blackheads and small pimples on the sides of my face. I stopped using it and they went away in a couple of days. I tried using it only after the mask, and experienced the same thing. I did find that it was lightweight and absorbed well. It has the same scent as the active mud, but lighter. My skin did feel more hydrated, too. The packaging is simple and chic, which I always appreciate. I love the silver around the tops and bottoms.

Borghese Fango Active Radiance Facial Oil
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Borghese Fango Active Radiance Facial Oil

 By itself, the oil is $60 for 1 oz. The set is $60 for the oil AND 7.5 oz of the Active Mud, which is $37. So it is a pretty good deal if you would like to try them out. This set is only available online at Macy's.

I LOVE the Active Mud and I will buy one when this jar runs out. As for the Radiance Oil, I think if you are not break-out prone and your skin is more dry, it would be good to try out. However, I will not be using the rest of mine. I do think my mom will really like it, though.

Have you tried any Borghese products? What are your favorites?

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