Nails of the Week: Nail Bliss Professional Sculpted Acrlyic Nail Kit

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As you all probably know by now, I can't stand going to hair or nail salons. I find the experience to extremely stressful and annoying. That is exactly why I like products like this. They make my nails look amazing without the cost and frustration of going to the salon.

Nail Bliss was kind enough to send me two boxes of these, which is great because I absolutely love them. I am not being paid or sponsored by Nail Bliss for this post.

Normally I will apply the stiletto nails I bought from Etsy and paint them, but I wasn't in the mood for that. So I went with these, which look like a fresh French manicure straight from the salon. The first thing I noticed about these nails were the tabs. I always appreciate it when a brand does this because it makes application easier, quicker, and less messy. Plus it is a little easier to see the sizes.

What Is Included:

  • 28 active square nails with tabs
  • Nail file
  • Nail Bliss Pink Gel Glue
  • Cuticle stick
Nail Bliss Professional Sculpted Acrlyic Nail Kit

I have tried a lot of glue on nails, but these have become a fast favorite. The way they fit my nail looks a thousand times better than any other I have tried, which makes them look a lot more natural. A lot of times, there will be a small gap between my real nail and the false nail from where it doesn't fit properly. Not one of the Sculpted Acrylic Nails are like that. They are also incredibly sturdy. My hands are always busy. I am constantly typing, doing dishes, cooking, cleaning, gardening, helping my grandma get cleaned up, pushing and lifting a wheelchair, etc... The tips of the nails are thick and have the feel of real acrylic. I have put them through a lot already, and they are going strong. I have gotten red dirt, top soil, tomato sauce, and fertilizer all over them and somehow they look good as new.

Nail Bliss Professional Sculpted Acrlyic Nail Kit

Nail Bliss Professional Sculpted Acrlyic Nail Kit

Please excuse my dry hands and fingers. My hand eczema has flared up a little thanks to my allergies.

They claim to last at least 10 days. I haven't worn them that long, but I can already tell that they will make it. Nail Bliss' Pink Gel Glue is crazy strong. Funny story. I accidentally got some on my thumb, and it stuck to one my other fingers. Normally I can gently pull my fingers apart, but I had to use warm water. I actually got excited about this because I knew the nails would stay on for awhile. Because the glue and the nails are pink, you cannot see where the glue is applied. There are no bubbles, either.

Nail Bliss Professional Sculpted Acrlyic Nail Kit

This product is $8.29 and you can find them at Sally Beauty Supply in store and online.

I hope you are having a fabulous day so far and I will see you soon!

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