My April 2016 Favorites

11:23 AM

Why is it already May? And more importantly, why is it already so stinkin' hot and humid? Go ahead and brace yourself. You know how people complain about being cold? Well, I complain about being too hot. I have gone off on a tangent, so let's get this post started.

First up is quite possibly the best foundation I have ever tried. I am talking about the new Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector. I have used it pretty much ever single day since I bought it, which I think was in mid to late March. I love it so much that I ordered a second tube during the Sephora sale. That should tell you something.

And the Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter in Sin is amazing, too. This highlighter is not for the faint of heart. This thing will make you GLOW. It is absolutely stunning, and of course perfect for spring and summer.

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder and Bronzing Powder Light. I am including both because I am not sure which one I like more. The original Terracotta Bronzing Powder is more intense, but still natural looking. It just makes me look more tanned rather than a sun-kissed glow. On the other hand, the light version does give the lightly sun-kissed look. Some days I want that, and other days I want to look a little more tan.

When the weather was a little cooler, I loved liquid lipsticks. I still do, but this is lip gloss weather. The one I like to use non-stop in the spring and summer is Buxom's Full On Lip Ploish, specifically the shade Kristen. This gloss adds a beautiful shine to the lips while making them look fuller. And the cooling sensation is just icing on the cake. I need more of these ASAP.

I picked up Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion during Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty event because of all the positive reviews. I had my doubts, but this stuff works. It has banished plenty of pimples since then, and in only one night.

Another new skincare favorite is the Oils of Life Sleeping Cream from The Body Shop. This was actually sent to me, but I was debating buying it for myself. This is a great moisturizer! I'll do a full review soon, but I am loving it.

Neutrogena's Rain Bath and Sesame Body Oil are my favorite things to use in the shower, and they have been for a few months. They smell so light and fresh while also making my skin feel baby soft.

I think I mentioned this product last month, but I am still loving it. And that is the Catrice Cosmetics Camouflage Cream. I have been using this as my eyeshadow primer and under eye concealer. It works very well without creasing or being too heavy. Plus it is just $6 at Ulta.

Last but not least is Wet n Wild's summer collection. The highlighting powder in Precious Petals is absolute perfection. I am also a huge fan of the metallic liquid lipsticks and nail polish. If you can find this collection, I highly recommend picking up a few things.

Oh, and I want to talk about my lone cantaloupe. I had five or six plants. All but this one died a couple of weeks after being planted. I thought this one was a goner, too. The stems and leaves were completely wilted and yellow and lying flat against the ground. But look at this little guy now! Talk about one heck of come back.

That is all I have for you guys this month. I will see you soon with a new post.

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  1. The Mario Badescu Drying lotion is my life!

    1. It is incredible! I honestly didn't expect to be so amazing.


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