Max Factor Review: Masterpiece Max Mascara, Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Liner, and Color Elixir Lipstick in Simply Nude

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I think everyone knows that Max Factor has made a small return to the States, at least for the time being. I have been trying out the three products that have returned for the last month, and overall I am impressed. I hope they make a full return because until this launch, I never had the chance to try anything. I am assuming they are just testing the market for a short time to see if there is demand and if they still have a spot over here. I think they do. But that is not the point of this post.

I am going to start with the Masterpiece Max Mascara. I am almost never wowed by a mascara. The only mascara I have ever repurchased is Tarte's Gifted Mascara. But I have a new favorite thanks to Max Factor. This mascara is amazing and I might need to buy 4 back up tubes. Max Factor describes it as a high volume and defining mascara. It does give my lashes great volume, but my favorite part is the definition. I have never seen a mascara that does such a fantastic job at defining my lashes without making them look clumpy. This is my perfect mascara. It makes my lashes look a lot more prominent than previous ones I have used. Oh, and it doesn't make my lashes feel crunchy. That is a big thing for me. It pairs really well the L'Oreal Voluminous Primer that I received through Influenster. In fact, I need to get a back up of that as well.

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara

The Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner, however, is another story. It isn't the formula I have an issue with, but rather the applicator. The applicator looks like a duck's bill and it just isn't practical to me. I have successfully applied it, but it takes a lot more effort and concentration than my other liners. It is also a pain to achieve a thin line. It always comes out being a lot thicker than what I wanted. The formula itself isn't bad. It isn't quite as opaque as I would like and it can transfer to my lids if I don't let it dry for a minute before moving my eyes around. I would pass on this. There are better liners out there for sure. It does stay on all day without fading or running, so there is that.

Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Last but not least is their lipstick in Simply Nude. I have been using this a pretty good bit lately because it is a great everyday color for me. Simply Nude is a peachy nude without too much brown in it. It has a lot of slip and it feels very hydrating on the lips. That being said, it is not long wearing at all. In fact, I have used lip glosses that stay on longer. Despite feeling hydrating, I find that it accentuates any lines and dryness I have. Exfoliating and applying a lip balm prior to application really helps with that.

Max Factor Simply Nude

If I were to recommend anything, I would go with the mascara. I absolutely love it. I would 100% skip the eyeliner and I think the lipstick could be worth checking out if you really love the color.  After trying these three products out, I really would love the opportunity to try out more Max Factor products. Hopefully they will eventually bring more products back to us.

These three items are available at Walgreens right now.

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