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Yeah, I know. I am doing a YouTube challenge, but I don't do the YouTube thing. At least not yet. I'm not saying I will, but I am not saying never, either. BUT I thought this sounded like a great idea. I put hate in quotations because some of these products aren't that bad, but they are not the greatest out of my entire stash.

I also took pictures right after applying everything and some after about five hours. I think this gives you a better feel for why I don't like some of the products, namely the foundation and lipstick.  Please keep in mind that just because these products didn't work for me, doesn't mean that they won't work for you. I am going to include why I don't like each one so you can make an educated choice for yourself if you see any products that might be interested in.

Oh, and you will notice I didn't use any blush or highlighters. I can't really think of any in my collection I dislike enough to include in this post. I had a highlighter in mind, but I just bought it. I need to give it a fair shot before I just throw it under the bus.

And I apparently got foundation (or cream eyeshadow) in my hair. Lovely.

Products Used:
1.) NYX Shine Killer. This makes my oily skin a thousand times worse and it just doesn't do anything whatsoever.
2.) For my foundation, I went back and forth between a couple. I don't like Cover Girl's Clean Matte foundation, but I also dislike the Milani 2 in 1 Foundation+Concealer. I eventually decided on the Milani one because the lightest shade is way too yellow and it is very patchy on me. It also gets very greasy after a couple of hours and wears away in some spots. I could handle if it was a little dark, but the way it oxidizes throughout the day is awful. You can really see this in the after pictures I took. I look like an oompa loompa.

Hello crusty lips and oxidized foundation. Woo hoo. 

3.) I knew right away which concealer I would use for this challenge: NYX's Gotcha Covered. Um, no you don't.  I find it to be very sheer and the color is too light for me. I look insane today because of the stark contrast between it and my foundation. Granted the foundation is very yellow, but it does that with any them. But the main reason I don't like this concealer is because of the texture. It is very sticky. Yes, sticky. Weird, right?

4.) I went with two different eyeshadows. The first one was Maybelline's Color Tattoo Eye Chrome in  Gilded Rose. I can work with it, but this isn't a color I am going to reach for often. It can look very messy and unkempt. I also don't like when I cannot use a brush to blend. The color is also too frosty for my taste and even though I am pale, it is too light. The other shadows I chose are by Physicians Formula. I went with their Shimmer Strips Eye Palette in Glam Nude. I love my shimmer, but this is too much. Every single shade is loaded with glitter and I don't find the shades to be pigmented enough for me. Overall, I have to say that I am pleased with how this look turned out, though. It took a little bit of extra blending, but not too shabby. I used Gilded Rose on the lid and applied the purple from the palette on top to make it pop a little more. Plus Gilded Rose was too stark by itself.

5.) The product I decided to use for my brows is Rimmel's Brow This Way. The formula is a little goopy, but the main thing I don't like is the applicator. It is really too large for a brow mascara.
6.) You probably already know what eyeliner I used. Yep, Max Factor's Masterpiece Eyeliner. I just can't with that applicator, ya'll. I got a nice wing, but it requires a lot of patience and I noticed it does tug a little bit.
7.) Essence's Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara is too clumpy for my liking, so that is why it landed a spot in this post. This is a product where I hate it some days and then there are days I like it.

8.) Last but not least are the lips. It took me a minute to think of a lip product I didn't like because I like almost all that I have. Then it hit me: Rimmel's Provacalips. When I first applied the liquid lipstick and finishing gloss, I couldn't think of why I hated it so much. I just remembered that when I first got them, I despised them and I knew that. But I just didn't know why. Well, after four hours, it hit me. It started to really dry up and crumble. It started to wear away around the center and this is the kind of product you cannot re-apply. It just balls up and looks patchy. The shade I used is Play With Fire, which is a stunning deep red. It is fine for a few hours, but it is not long wearing.

With the exception of the foundation, I actually like how this turned out. At least for the first three or four hours.  I would like this foundation a lot more if the Vanilla shade were, well a little more vanilla. I will link the blog posts for the products I have reviewed so far below.

Product Reviews
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