Swatches of the Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson Colleciton

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Kandee Johnson might just be one of my favorite people. I love her positive and upbeat personality. Naturally when I saw that she had a collection with Sinful Colors, I had to get some of the shades. I was only going to get two or three, but somewhere along the way I ended up buying close to all of them.

And I am not sorry.

Strawberry Milk is a  matte baby pink. It dries down to a smooth matte finish, but be careful. This one will accentuate any imperfections your nails may have. It is also a little streaky and patchy.

Sinful Colors Strawberry Milk

Candy Hearts is a matte, baby blue. I experienced the same issues that I had with Strawberry Milk.

Sinful Colors Candy Hearts

Kanfetti is a glitter polish with chunks of blue, green, and a bit of pink. This one is such a fun top coat. I liked wearing it over Strawberry Milk for contrast and some added sparkle.

Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson Collection Swatches

Strawberry Milk, Candy Hearts, Kanfetti

Spoon Full of Sugar is a chunky, glittery pink. This one is gorgeous! It can be worn as a top coat or be built up to full opacity. To reach full of opacity, you will need about four coats.

Sinful Colors Spoon Full of Sugar

Blueberry Hot Rod is a stunning metallic blue with a touch of pink running through it. It is a little on the sheer side, so you need three coats depending on your tastes.

Sinful Colors Blueberry Hot Rod

Pinksicle, as the name suggests, is an icy baby pink. It is very light, but still opaque. It is a great neutral color that packs a little more punch that traditional nude shades. I love this one. It looks far more pink in the bottle. Once you apply it, it is a VERY pale pink with a golden sheen.

Sinful Colors Pinksicle

Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson Swatches: Spoon Full of Sugar, Blueberry Hot Rod, Pinksicle
Spoon Full of Sugar, Blueberry Hot Rod, Pinksicle
Digital Dreams consists of a clear base with iridescent glitter. It makes a beautiful polish topper and the pieces of glitter look like an opal when the light hits it.

Sinful Colors Dripping in Pearls

Kiss Goodnight is a baby blue cream with iridescent shimmer throughout.

Sinful Colors Kiss Goodnight

Flip Tease is a cross between a mint and sea foam green. They describe it as turquoise, but that isn't quite right. Like Kiss Good night, it has iridescent shimmer.

Sinful Colors Flip Tease

Digital Dreams, Kiss Goodnight, Flip Tease

Urban Magic is a silver, holographic glitter. It can be used as a top coat or by itself. However, it does take quite a few coats to reach opacity.

Sinful Colors Urban Magic

Dripping in Pearls is an iridescent white with a gold sheen. It is similar to Pinksicle in the sense that it is  a good neutral polish with a bit of something extra.

Sinful Colors Dripping in Pearls

Heart of Gold is just the golden cousin of Urban Magic. It is a teensy bit more opaque, though.

Sinful Colors Heart of Gold

Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson Collection Swatches
Urban Magic, Dripping In Pearls, Heart of Gold
This is such a fun collection and overall the polishes are great quality. The only two I didn't care of where Strawberry Milk and Candy Hearts. All of the others were nice. The polishes are budget friendly at $2.99 a piece and you can find them in store at Walgreens. This is the perfect introduction to spring.

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