A Look Inside Wet n Wild's Unicorn Glow Collection for Summer 2017

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Wet n Wild has been on fire lately. Like most other brands, they have capitalized on the current unicorn makeup trend with their appropriately named Unicorn Glow Collection. I was able to get my hands on the box, so I have been able to try the entire collection. So far, this is probably my favorite unicorn themed collection. They really grasped the iridescent concept and kept the colors soft, but beautiful and shimmery, but not overly so.

Wet n Wild Unicorn Glow Collection

Wet n Wild Unicorn Glow Collection

We are already familiar with Wet n Wild's Unicorn Glow rainbow highlighter, which looks a bit daunting. I used it for the first time today and I was pleasantly surprised. I focused the brush on the lower half (blues and purple) and the result was a very light and flattering pearly highlight with just a hint of blue.

If you don't get anything else from this collection, get these next two highlighters. They are gorgeous! The first one is Bronze Over The Rainbow, which is perfect for summer. I was worried it wouldn't work as a highlighter for me, but it does. It gives my skin the perfect golden glow for summer. Everlasting Glow combines pink and pearl with just a hint of gold. I get compliments when I wear this one. These don't swatch well at all. I was worried that they wouldn't look good on the skin, but they completely transform. They don't accentuate my pores and they don't look chalky or patchy. Oh, and be careful with these. The packaging is cheap and flimsy. I was lucky that mine came in one piece, but I know that others have gotten shattered ones.

Wet n Wild Bronze Over The Rainbow

Wet n Wild Everlasting Glow Highlighter

The brush in this collection is beautiful! I was expecting to be flimsy, but it is really nice. It feels pretty sturdy and it does a very nice job of applying the highlighters.

Wet n Wild Bronze Over the Rainbow

The pigments in this collection are not my favorite, but they are not bad by any means. They are on the sheer side, but they can be built up to be more intense. As to be expected, they have a ton of shimmer. My favorite one of the three is the blue one: Unicorn Wishes.  Each of the pigments are designed to have that iridescent effect more so than excellent color payoff. In my swatches, I did build them up to three layers.

Oh, and be prepared for some fall out. It isn't too bad, but it is something to be aware of. I love the packaging of the Wet n Wild pigments. They are probably the least messy pigments I have ever worked with.

Wet n Wild Loose Pigments

Wet n Wild Loose Pigment Swatches

The last two products in the bunch are the lipstick toppers. Unicorn Soul is more blue based and Immortal Tears is pink based with a hint of blue shimmer. I honestly don't see too much of a difference when I use these on top of lipsticks, but if you like subtle, you will probably enjoy these. I wanted more of a pop, so I am a bit disappointed. The formula itself is nice, though. Each shade feels comfortable on the lips and stays on awhile.

Wet n Wild Unicorn Glow Lipstick Toppers

How cute is the unicorn engraving? I didn't even notice this until a few days ago. It is a cute touch to the collection.

Wet n Wild Unicorn Glow Collection

Wet n Wild Unicorn Glow Lipstick Toppers

I swatched the lip toppers over Maybelline's new SuperStay Matte Ink Lipcolor in Pioneer.

Overall, this is a great collection. I have used the products more frequently than I expected. The products I would skip on would be the two lip toppers and the rainbow highlighter. They are not bad by any means, but I don't find them to be great, either.

The box is sold out and I am not sure if they plan on restocking it. You can still order everything separately on Wet n Wild's site and Ulta still has two of the highlighters on their site: Bronze Over the Rainbow and Everlasting Glow.

Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter: $5.99 each
Prismatic Lipstick Topper: $3.99 each
Color Icon Pigments: $2.99 each

The brush is not sold separately. =(

What do you think of this collection? Are you over the whole mermaid/unicorn trend? I wasn't when I ordered the box, but now I am getting a little sick of it.

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