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11:59 AM

Shop Miss A is this pretty amazing site that has jewelry, accessories, and even makeup. And everything is only $1. I got an email about some new baked highlighters and lipsticks from the brand AOA Studio. They looked absolutely stunning, so I bought some really cheap makeup to try out. I wore some of the stuff today and I am very impressed so far.

Lets start with the eyeshadows. The AOA Studio Baked Eyeshadows come in a ton of stunning colors, so limiting myself to 4 was a challenge. The first shade is Grenade, which is a bronze. The pigment on this one is amazing and it applies very well. I wore this one today and love it. The second shade is Poetic, which is a light silvery pink. Then there is Stone, which is a stunning greyish purple and last but not least is Dove, which is a shimmering white. All of them are gorgeous, but Grenade and Stone are the ones that stand out. They have the best color payoff and the other two need to be built up.

AOS Studio Wonder Baked Eyeshadows

AOA Studio Wonder Baked Eyeshadows

AOA Studio Wonder Baked Eyeshadows

In addition to the baked eyeshadows, AOA Studios also released baked highlighters in almost every color you can imagine. Again, it was really hard to limit myself. I only bought two shades: Cupcake (a light golden peach) and Icing, which is a pearly white with a blue shift. Cupcake is pretty smooth, but Icing is a bit dry and it feels chalky. I tried Cupcake today and it did apply well. It looks beautiful on the skin.

AOA Studio Wonder Baked Highlighters

AOA Studio Wonder Baked Highlighters Swatches

Finally, I picked out three shades of the Liplock Lipsticks. Pumpkin is a bright matte coral, Glow is a cool toned light pink, and Frost Plum is a deep purple with blue sparkles. These lipsticks are very creamy, but they do lock into place after a few minutes and become matte. They feel pretty comfortable, but they make my lips look a bit dry after a few hours. The color is still on and there is minimal transfer. I'll get a review up of these later on this week or sometime next week.

AOA Studio Liplock Lipsticks

AOA Studio Liplock Lipstick Swatches

So far, I like the formulation of everything except the lipsticks, but I still need to test them out more. The packaging is a bit of a pain, but it doesn't feel as cheap as other inexpensive makeup. I don't recommend traveling with it, though.

I will be trying these out more and get back to you with a full review.

See you soon!

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  1. I just got my recent shop miss a haul today and got some of the same products as you. I wasn't as good at limiting myself though! I also got Stone and love it, plus 7 other eyeshadow. The highlighters I got were Fresa (pink with gold shift), Fairy (yellow with gold shift) and Sno (white with pale gold shift) and they all swatch AMAZINGLY. Did you happen to find any of your lipsticks didn't wind up? My favorite (Frost Pout) is kinda trapped in its base and it's so creamy I don't want to mess it up. I also got Frost Plum which I love and Pumpkin, which I was a little surprised at since it's not pumpkin colored but meh. I got 4 others too :) Im tempted to order more, are you going to?

    1. Stone is so gorgeous! I really wanted to get the three highlighters you bought, especially Fairy and Sno. I haven't had that problem with my lipsticks, but that is incredibly frustrating. I always worried they are going to break off, though. I have to be careful with them for sure. Ugh....I am so upset with Pumpkin. Lol. I was hoping for a beautiful autumn orange. It is still a pretty color, but just not what we expected. I know I want to get more of the eyeshadows and highlighters at some point. They are so good. I'm honestly not a huge fan of the lipsticks (they stay on forever, but end up feeling very drying), so I think I will just stick with the three I have. I was very impressed with everything else. Thank you for sharing your haul with me. =)


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